Bacteria Tower Defense Game

A while back, I thought it would be neat to create a set of assets that could be used to make an educational, biological tower defense game with Blender and Unity.

Here are the “villains” of the game:

These antagonists are based on swine flu, HPV, and even HIV. Generated using particle systems in Blender.

Here is the protagonist:

When I originally saw a picture of this, I assumed it would be harmful and make for a great boss antagonist. However after doing some basic research, I found out that this bacteriophage is a virus that attacks bacteria in order to replicate itself, and is helpful to humans and is sometimes used to treat infection.

This bacteriophage would most likely be a projectile fired from turrets you place in game. As in real life, it would latch onto the enemies, deploy its dna and replicate, causing the bacteria to burst with even more bacteriophages. This would be really cool to animate, and would likely take the form of an time-delayed AOE attack on passing enemies.

The terrain for the game would be tissue, with bisected blood vessels as the path for blood and enemies to travel through. Harder levels might include having multiple routes, and perhaps environmental factors such as cholesterol to increase pressure and local speed of the blood flow. Powerups could include things like immunizations prior to a level, and in-game boosts such as antibiotics (which would likely have a double-edged sword effect, harming your bacteriophages and strengthening future waves of opponents).

It was really fun concepting this game and learning more about biology. Will update when I have a working prototype!

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